Monday, November 29

A True Likeness

Remember how we went and took family photos recently?
Well just the other night I was flabbergasted to realize that all of the hard work that went into that was unneeded.
Why you ask?
Well, because Ruby drew this:
 A closer view for you...

Yup- that's us.

It is such a true likeness I think we are just going to use this as our family photos.

And she didn't stop there- she went on to draw all of the cousins.

Isn't she amazing?
She even got everyones arms and legs in.  (well she tried at least...)
She is quite the artist.
And the same rule applies for her as it does for the tripod.
If you would like a one of a kind family drawing- Ruby would be glad to do it.
For a fee.  Of course.
You don't even have to be here for her to do it.
I'll just describe to her what you look like and she will draw it.
And we will mail the picture to you.
If you act now she can get it done before those Christmas cards have to go out!!

I love my little artist.


  1. I agree it's an amazing likeness. Keep up the great work, Ruby.

  2. HA HA Ruby, ask your mom if she remembers the self portrait she drew of herself oh so long ago and was totally convinced it looked just like her, I saw it the other day and had a great

  3. Wow,cher your legs go for miles! I would be flattered.

  4. We all look like tripods in that drawing!


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