Thursday, November 25

Wanna Race?

Today marks a moment in history that must be remembered.
Well... at least by me.
I ran my first ever race as an adult.
It was a 5K, it was to raise money for the Utah Food Bank, it was hard, and it was COLD.
It was -13C.  I know that doesn't seem super cold to those of you living in Alberta right now, but remember- I am a cold weather weenie, and I couldn't wear a huge warm winter coat.  It was cold!
Luckily running warms you up.
That was my one motivation to KEEP RUNNING.
Next time I am going to get those hand warmer things- now that is a genius idea.
Race details you ask?
There isn't much to say- it was my first race so my time wasn't awesome- but I will say that I did run the whole way.  There was NO walking for me.  Not even for a second.  And I feel awesome.
I feel motivated to run more and to be more active and I feel like I actually accomplished something.
I think with some training I could be awesome!
I am going to keep on running and will assuredly get better and faster.
Justin says that next time he will come along and run with me.
I told him he could- as long as he doesn't hold me back- you know?
I will say it was a little lonely since I left Justin home with the kids and I couldn't find another running partner.
So the only proof I have that I actually ran it is this picture.

(I made sure it was an action shot so it would be easier for you to visualize)

Technically this picture wouldn't hold up in a court of law as evidence...
But you all believe me right?
The only other evidence that I have is the shirt I got and the shape my body is in right now- SO SORE.
I should have stretched- but as I have always said- stretching is for wussies.
And I stick by that.
I can't wait to find another 5k to compete in.  It is going to be awesome!!
Now we are off to enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner!
I will say this two Thanksgiving things has something to it.
And tomorrow- Black Friday Shopping.
Oh yeah- we are doing it!


  1. Way to go! I wish I could have been there. But Ruby's still to irresponsible to watch Myers for more than an hour at a time.

  2. I am really proud of you. Maybe I can be your runner-in-crime next time. (Get it? Get it? It's funny okay). Great job, but black friday shopping is going to be a marathon in and of itself. Good luck. I hope you survive. :)

  3. Wow, wow and wow. So happy for you. You write with such an open heart. YOu are inspiring. Hugs from your cousin-in-law

  4. Hey... I ran too! Right over to the bank to deposit the money from the sale of my treadmill.

    Sad. Yes?

    I need an ounce of your motivation...just an ounce. I think I feel it in the spirit of a new years resolution... okay you heard it here first! In 2011 I too will run a five k...with court approved pictures!!! But I still don't need a treadmill...I like the gym...there is no laundry to distract me...just cute boys. Just kidding it is a woman's only gym.
    Ummmm what was I saying? Oh ya.



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