Monday, November 22

Family Photo Session

A family photo has been long overdue.
We just live far from any real photographers that we know and love and lets face it a 'hold the camera at arms length and do your best to take a photo of all four of our faces and have everyone look nice photo' was not going to work.  We were looking for a little more than a facebook profile picture.
You know what I am saying?
So we did what anyone would do.
We went and bought a cheap tripod, went to the park on Sunday after church when we were still looking nice, and did our best to 'push the button and run into position'.
It wasn't ideal.
In fact our outing went a little something like this...
Justin held the kids down while I went and got it set up...
(Note Ruby's tongue)

I run back and try to get myself and Ruby looking nice....
(Note my tongue- I guess she gets that from somewhere...)

Scene change- and Justin has slacked on his job of holding the kids down.
So I get everything set up and I have to run after Ruby in my heels...

And I go to sit down- apparently me in my heels holding a 35 pound child and trying to sit down quickly don't mix.  Yes- that is me falling...
Justin seems to think it is funny though.
Oh how glad I am the tripod caught that special moment.

Well- apparently I thought it was funny too....  Ruby seems unscathed and is still trying to run away.

Then there is the whole series of photos where Ruby would not open her eyes.
Sadly we were unaware....
There is a series of 10 photos where she would NOT open her eyes.

And more slacking from Justin equals more running from me...

And then there is the whole section of photos where I am blocking half of Ruby's face.

And the set- ups that just don't work...

Oh- and the whole series of photos where Ruby covered her ears.

And the whole series where Myers would NOT look at the camera.

And then Ruby's awesome facial expressions.

And Myers's hand in front of his face.

I think we can work with the few good photos we got.  If I ever get the time to do some editing...

Needless to say- our tripod has a long way to go before it can make a living out of its skills....
But it is for hire if ever you need it to capture the awkward moments in your life.  It is pretty good at that.

 Me and the Nones to end the session off with.  I swear that is an 'I love my mama' face not a 'I'm scared and angry' face...


  1. I say they are all Christmas card worthy! Adorable!

  2. I am crying. Seriously. This made me laugh so hard. I love you, and your faces, and tongues and everything about you.

  3. Me too! I laughed so hard at the falling down picture... reminds me of the good 'ole days when your real name was Grace. :) Cant wait to see you guys!!

  4. I just love to see the faces of Ruby and Myers....its too precious.....

  5. Like I always say... A tripod under the arm is worth 3 on the shelf... unless of course you own said shelf, and the tripods thereon... then those ones are worth more I think.


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