Friday, November 5

Mike Pumpkinzowski

There is a lot of pressure involved with pumpkin carving.
First you have to pick the perfect pumpkin- one that speaks to you and gets your creative juices flowing.
Then you must decide how to carve it.
Do you find an image online, trace it and carve it?
Do you carve all the way through or just deep enough that the skin is gone and the light shows through but there is no actual hole in your pumpkin?
Do you carve your pumpkin in such a way that it is eating a smaller pumpkin? (I saw a couple of these this year and loved them)
Or do you just go old school on it?
These were just the decisions that we were faced with this year....  tough Halloween changing decisions...
No need to worry though- because we reigned triumphant!
We did our annual pumpkin picking earlier in October- and it was awesome.
We were each able to choose the pumpkins that spoke to us individually.
Ruby took this task very seriously and eventually decided on a mini one that was technically uncarvable...
I chose a nice round one with a long stem and some 'hairs' coming from it.
Justin chose a large one with very prominent grooves.
Noni? Well we chose a really cute mini pumpkin for him.  Short and wide.... it seemed to suit him!
On Monday we took the plunge and did the carving.
Ruby was a little hesitant at first and really didn't like the pumpkin guts.
She really hated it when I touched her with my pumpkin hands.  (In fact we almost had a little Family Home Evening emergency...)

This is the look I got after I gave her the 'pumkin guts touch'

But with a little coaxing and a spoon she dove right in.

Noni had no problem diving in head first.

As to what we carved our pumpkins as?
Justin went with a scary old schoolish pumpkin with a little bit of a Twilight flare.  (Notice the vampire teeth)

I took my cues and inspiration from my pumpkin.
I took a long look at him and decided that he was calling out to be Mike Wazowski.
And so I did just that.

Minus the arms... I know... I should have carved the arms....
I wonder what our pumpkins will say next year....


  1. wow, great pumpkins , we missed out this year maybe next year dad and i will try our hands at lonely pumpkin making, just the two of us...tears tears tears, or maybe we will get a visit from some grandkids and they will help us carve out some pumpkins for halloween, then there will be smiles, smiles, smiles, right ruby....

  2. My original idea was a pumkin di milo, but that was too hard, so I went with old angry-eyes fang-y. Never lets me down. And look how scary! I peed a little after I carved him

  3. You will NEVER be able to top Mike Pumkinowksi! He's amazing!!!


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