Sunday, October 31

Musicals, and Unexpected Guests

Recently we had a very unexpected and very welcome guest come and visit us.
He was only in Utah for a short time but we were sure glad to see him.
It was the one, the only....

I guess technically he is only Rocky Steele now- but he will forever be Elder Steelit to us...
It was so good to see him.  We just wish that we could have seen the whole family, but there is a whole lifetime for that I suppose.  Now that we all live on the same side of North America there should be nothing that holds us back from visiting....

Later that same evening we made a pit stop at the library to return some movies and books and get some new ones.
We love our library.
Best. Invention. Ever.
(A library is an invention right?)

Then on to the Stake Musical we did go.
My only regret is the we weren't in it.
It was funny, and musically, and homegrown (which is the best kind).
We loved it.
I just hope that one day Ruby and Myers have the opportunity to participate in something like that.  It would be a great experience.

The fun didn't end there.
Oh No.
We had a great Sunday as well with the primary presentation- which I always love.
Next year Ruby is going to be in it- can you believe that?
And then that night we had another unexpected guest.
I guess there is no denying that Fall has Fallen and Winter is on its way.
I had been doing so well at denying that those two things would ever happen.

Either way- we love it here.


  1. We dont want you to love it to much...we want you back home in Canada.....

  2. It was about the warmest Halloween EVER in Calgary. Just a sweater, no parka, no toque, no mitts. Of course on the year that Halloween lands on a Sunday.
    Also, as far as musicals go... Wicked is coming to Calgary next June!!! Can we please go on a double date?

  3. LIKE! Sorry, I didn't see a 'like' button, so I had to enter it manually. But to respond to hansolo (handsfull) we would love to see wicked! It would be...awesome!


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