Friday, November 12

Clay Is My Medium of Choice

I have never claimed to be an artist...
But I just can't deny it anymore.
I am an Artistic genius.
There I said it...
My artistic geniusness is especially evident after Ruby and I made this...

It's Ariel.
I know- no explanation required- since it is such a true likeness of the Little Mermaid.
Ruby and I spent Noni's nap 'clay making' if you will.  (He did wake up half way through but we pressed on.)
She told me what she wanted  me to make- and I did just that.
I had no idea I had such skills...
Ruby tried her hand at some 'claymaking' herself and she did a great job.
Perhaps she acquired some of my skills.
She made Sebastian, a shark, Flounder and a crocodile.
I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of those before she decided she had had enough of clay making and she put it all in dishwasher.
Yes, this really happened.
Her and Noni were collaborating- She was putting it in the dishwasher and he was right there beside her cheering her on.
He seemed to disappear however when she had to clean it up....
But a little part of me can't help but smile when they get together to do something mischievous.

I can see many days of clay making in our future... even with the dishwasher incident.
Ariel is still floating around this house somewhere- a little worse for wear but around nonetheless...
Perhaps the other disney princesses will join her soon enough.
This clay making is fun.

On a side note- I recently found out that David Archuleta lives in our very own Murray, Utah.  In fact he attended Murray High.  So our place of residence (and by association, us) is pretty much famous.  And awesome.
I also recently received tickets to a  concert that he is putting on with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir around Christmas!!  We are pretty much destined to be his best friends don't you think?


  1. I was looking up a you tube video on something unrelated and I pulled up a video of this kid singing in a church. I said to Jon...Holly Molly! listen to this kid! He has an amazing voice, someone has to give him a record deal!!!
    Jon asked what his name was and I said "David Archu...letta?- remember that name he is going places!"
    "Uuuum Jenn...David Archulatta, like American idol Archuletta?"


    Well, at least I know how to spot em, even if a whole country discovered him before I did. Whatevs.

    So I really like him, and Murrey and you.

  2. haha you and Ruby and Noni make me

  3. Love it! On a completely unrelated note, why do both our kids have the same uncontrollable instinct to stick our ear buds in their mouths every time they see them? Ruby just did it again! And I'm watching her saying "Ruby, not in your mouth, those are for ears.. Ruby, not in your mouth" But she just pops it in even faster and gets it nice and juicy. Really good for the sound quality!

  4. I think you should make a clay model of David Archuleta. I, like Jenn, have no idea who that is.

  5. thankyou for posting to that tartan dress. that is so great. we are actually thinking about doing a similar mad men inspired dress for the next sewalong. you made me even more convinced to do it.


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