Friday, October 1

University Parkway

How was NieNie's talk you ask?
I am sure it was wonderful.
And inspirational.
A once in a lifetime experience.
I, sadly, was not in attendance.
I was spending time on the side of University Parkway.
Doing this.
He looks happy- but trust me- we felt more like this.

Ok fine- he still looks kind of happy- but this was before we knew how long we would be there for...
While Justin was posing in front of the van- I was doing this-
 (pushing the kids in the stroller over to the nearby strip mall so we could eat.)
And when I wasn't doing that.
We were eating Mexican food and drinking apple pop.
This was truly authentic Mexican.
It reminded me of the food I ate in Mexico when I went there for the YMCA.
We also had some of this...

It is delicious Apple Pop.
Manzana Lift was my favorite- but this was delicious too.

And when we weren't doing either of those things-
We were here.

Enjoying pure delicious heaven.
Ruby loved the icing.

A little too much.
But who was I to stop her?
I was too busy being anxious and emotionally draining myself.

Which I did pretty well-
If I do say so myself.
If you need a second opinion on that- I am sure Justin would vouch for me.

And while we did those things
Justin set up the mechanic end of things.
And the tow truck was called.
And Clark was called to come rescue us.  (thank goodness for good friends)
And Justin did it all.
Like I said- I was a little preoccupied.
And really- lets face it- Even if I wasn't an emotional wreck that was checking the clock every 5 seconds- I still wouldn't have set any of that up anyway.

We waited for what seemed like A LONG TIME.
I almost had time to go and get my hair cut...
(Which I desperately need to do)
But then the tow truck came.
Justin was already out at the road with Ruby taking the car seats and anything else we may need.
I was back at the cupcake place people and clock watching.
By this time it was already 7:30.
The speech started at 7.
So you can imagine my emotions at that point.
But just when I lost all hope I had of ever hearing NieNie speak....
Justin drove up to the cupcake shops window.
You got it.  The van started.
The tow truck guy gave us some gas.
I would have left that small detail out- if I thought that it was appropriate to let you think that our van just miraculously started.
But if I am being fair to us- we were NOT on empty.
And it WAS a miracle.
At least to us.
We prayed and the van started = a miracle for the Snelldogs.
Though Justin is not convinced that being out of gas was the problem- and therefore neither am I.
We shall see in the next few days or weeks what happens with the van.
Until then- we will keep it topped up.
And hey, we got three free gallons of gas!!

So the van was running.
I gathered up our stuff and Noni and we tried to head out the door.
But then I dropped half of our stuff.
There was a lot of stuff.
So a kind woman came and helped while I tried to quickly fill her in on the story so she could understand why I was carrying a baby and a backpack and a diaper bag and a camera and a cellphone and a package of cupcakes out the door- while my husband sat in a running van.
I think she understood after a little explanation.

I was elated!
We could still make it to a few minutes of NieNie- if we hustled.
But the tow truck guy wanted to be responsible and follow us to a gas station so we could fill up and so he could make sure that the car was still going to run for us...
Those tow truck guys- so responsible.

So we did that.
And I took Ruby to the potty.
The door knob fell off as I was opening the door.
Just one more wonderful detail of the evening.
We left and the van was still running.

I still had some hope.
Now if I was lucky NieNie would speak for an hour and a half and I can make it to the last ten minutes.
We got to BYU campus.
Got a little turned around.
Of course.
Made it there.
And then Ruby had to go to the bathroom.
By this point I knew it was over.
There were a ton of people leaving and they were all dressed up nice and a little teary eyed and they all looked enlightened.
I knew it was over.
And we had missed it.
I was sure this was my chance to meet her and hear from her- but alas it was not.
So I took Ruby to the potty. (She didn't really have to go)
Went up a back stairwell (you know, in case she was making a quick getaway out the back and perhaps I could just stop her to say hi and to tell her what an inspiration she has been and what I went through that night just to come and see her and then maybe get a picture with her- just so I could show you all that I met know, the usual.)
Anyway- didn't happen.
She had already made her getaway.
So I got to the ballroom and Justin was there.
(He parked the van while I took Ruby)
He had already scoped out the place for me... no nie.
So I took this picture- just to prove that we tried.

And we were about to leave.
When I spotted Cjane (Courtney).
(Nie's sister who also has a very inspirational and funny blog)
She was talking to some other family members.
And I swear I never would have bothered her- but I had been through so much and I just wanted someone to know the story.
So Justin took the initiative and we went over there.
We had a great conversation where we talked about Nie, and our van issues, and our babies.
She thinks Myers would be a great match for her baby Ever.
I agree.
And we talked about Canada and the Rooftop concert series.
And then- just in case she didn't already think I was crazy- I asked her if we could get a picture with her.
(I know- weird- but I had to)
She graciously agreed.
 (Look at Noni and Ever- they couldn't take their eyes off each other.)
And she gushed over Ruby and how beautiful she is and Myers and how wonderful he is.
And it made me like her even more.
I told her I loved her blog and I think that was about it.
I don't even think I got to tell her that Ever was insanely cute or that I found her inspiring.
I'm pretty sure she gave me a million compliments and I just took them without returning any at all.
That is probably the only thing that I would change about our adventure.
Oh- and I would probably try to be on time for the speech.
But really I was a crazy emotional wreck- I'm just glad I didn't burst out bawling.
I almost did.
I didn't really have a reason to cry- just that everything had come to an end.
All my anxiety and restlessness and waiting and emotions could be over.
And it wasn't all for not.
Justin and I and Ruby and Myers had another Snelldog adventure.
Our van is running for the time being and even though Justin thinks there are deeper problems I am going to pretend that there aren't and that we just ran out of gas.
Our prayers were answered.
And I got to meet CJane.
And she was awesome, and kind and gracious.
I think we could be friends.  If that were even possible.  If she doesn't think I am a crazy stalker who never compliments anyone.
If only she could know the real me...
Maybe I will talk to her about that at the Concert tomorrow. 
We will be there- if I can convince Justin.
Which I think I can.
Courtney said it is going to be even better than the last one.
And the last one was pretty amazing.

So to end this incredibly long post-
That was our night.
I am disappointed about the missed speech but apparently they are going to rebroadcast it.
And on the upside- I got delicious cupcakes, an adventure with my wonderful, patient husband and two beautiful children, and a strengthened testimony that Heavenly Father is mindful of me.  He knows my situation and he helps me.  He has given me some amazing opportunities.  Prayer works.  I know it does.

Oh- and I met Cjane.  And she is as wonderful as her blog portrays her to be.  And I'm not just saying that....


  1. Sad sad sad sad sad. Seriously. I want to burst out crying for you!

  2. I had a fun night. Always an adventure with the Snelldogs

  3. So sad.
    Don;t worry i bet it sucked!

    On that note, don't go to her know, where she talks about how she was so inspiring she sobbed through the whole thing....

    Where will it be broadcast? I want to hear it too!

  4. Gah I just wrote you a long msg. & before I sent it, Katrina pushed the power button on the computer! I am so sorry you missed Nie! I was hoping I might spot you there! Now this is a mini message compared to the original, but here are the basics: We have 6 tickets to Saturday morning Conference. Do you and/or Justin want to come? Maybe Jayne and/or Clark? (Ken & I have claimed two & our brother in law may or may not come, so we have either 3 or 4 available tickets at this point). Let me know if you want to try & work it out! (Send me an email or facebok msg.)

  5. Wow. I don't know how you didn't cry! I almost cried just reading it. And I feel all stressed out. :) But still a really great story. :)

  6. I came to see you report on NieNie!
    SOOOOOO sorry to hear that you missed her. :( My heart was in pain for you. I would have been incredibly upset too :(

    I have to say dear Cheryl, you have a WONDERFUL husband and this is just another experience to prove that.


  7. Wow! What a day! So many adventures in Utah!! I had to laugh when the even the doorknob fell off...

  8. Oh no! What a day! At least you met Cjane! How cool is that?!

    Sidenote: can I tell you that I absolutely LOVE your cardigan? And your hair? And your skirt? etc etc You look so adorable :)


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