Sunday, October 17

I'm Hungry For Some More Games

I know- you can hate me if you want.
I have been a little vacant from the blogging scene lately- but trust me- when you see why you will understand.
You can blame this.

Ok, well to be more accurate you should probably blame this one.

And just so you can be ahead of the game- blame this one in advance.  (I'll be there soon enough)

 I have been doing by best to read these without completely neglecting my family so the late night blogging has come to an end until these are done.  I will do my best to get one or two posts in soon.  I have been working on alot of projects that need some documentation.  Not to mention the cute children I have that are in need of some 'screen' time, if you will.
But in the mean time while you are waiting and pining over the loss of my blogging for the next few days (it won't take me any longer than that to read these) then go here and read this.  There are some pretty nice things said about me that I think everyone needs to know.  So go on- and I know I'm taking a huge risk here because my sister is much more talented than me.  Just promise you will come back though- alright?
You know, in a few days, when I'm no longer HUNGRY...


  1. That's exactly what I've been doing! lol
    I've finished the first, am around half way into the second & I'm loving them! :)

  2. I read them each 3 times. I can't believe that main character did that thing that time. It was unbelieveable! I still can't BELIEVE it! Can you believe it. I mean... inSANE! I'm going to go read them again right now!

  3. haha, i just finished them. soo good!!

  4. Shoot! Now I am going to have to read them all during Christmas Break!


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