Monday, October 4

Sponge Bob

We had a 'stay at home and relax' kind of day.
I needed to recuperate after the weekend of famous people meeting/ seeing that I had.
I was exhausted.
-Speaking of famous people seeing- did you catch a glimpse of me at Conference?
I was there!

 (I swear my hair looked better than that when I left the house)

With friends!!!

And we ended up having great seats!!  
It was amazing.  It was a great experience for us!  And we even got to listen!  Can you imagine that?

Our weekend was jam packed with traveling and music and cars breaking down and conference and quillow making and priesthood session and cupcakes and babysitting and visiting and whatever else we could possibly fit it.

So therefore our day today consisted of:

A craft while Noni slept.

(we still haven't decided what do with this... the inspiration came while trying to fill a dull moment... But I must say Ruby and I did a great job...)

Mini banana cupcakes (which Ruby treated like cutie little babies- before she ate them...) and a coconut lime banana loaf.

A good old fashioned horse ride and supper with friends.

And sponge bob.

All in all- it was a great day...


  1. I thought Ruby would get over the whole treating your food like its your baby thing when you had Noni. :) I guess not. I love her. She is so cute and quirky.

  2. Always love that square bob myers haha....and love that horse riding girl ruby...and yes those two other goofy people in their family.....


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