Friday, October 22

Crazy Eyes McGee

Before I continue any further in this blogging I feel the duty to fill you in on a few important tidbits of information about the man that I love.

My sweet Justipoo Snell.

First of all- he is a soon to be optometrist.  He will one day be Dr. Justipoo Snell.  He works hard and he is going to be an awesome optometrist.  The best even.  If I do say so myself- which I do of course.
Being an Optometry Student's wife has its perks.  Like cheap glasses and contacts.
But can I tell you my favorite part about being an Optometry Students wife?

The days he comes home looking like this.

I like to call him- crazy eyes McGee.
You would not believe the things optometry students do to each other's eyes to practice.  He will one day be able to give his eyes a rest (you know, when he is doing all sorts of crazy things to YOUR eyes)- but until then he will enjoy freaking us all out when he comes home like this.

(A close up for you to enjoy the full beauty of it)

Oh crazy eyes McGee- how we love you.

Second of all- he is super smart.  He passed the first installment of the US board exams- and not only did he pass but he did AMAZING.  It does seem a little bit anti-climactic since he still has 2 more parts to write and one is coming up in just over a month...  Oh the long hours of studying- how I hate you.  I probably don't hate them as much as Justin does- but pretty close.  At least he is super smart though, right?  They should be a breeze.

And lastly- Justin is a winner.  He wins everything.  He is always winning cool things- anything he really wants to win- he does.  Once he won an ipod mini (back when those were cool), he has also won a trial lens kit from school (worth about 600+ dollars).
And today Justin won a Blackberry Torch.
Yes- old crazy eyes McGee- did it again.
It was a competition on twitter- they asked you to tweet about what you would do with a blackberry torch if you won one.
Justin's response- 'I would build a giant replica of it using dinosaur fossils and chicken wire.  Then I would give it to my mom.'
And he won.
He doesn't have those smarts and those crazy eyes for nothin.

Now- just so it is out in the public and so I have some witnesses- early this morning when Justin was entering to win and he ran his answer by me- and I told him it was brilliant- we started discussing the Madsen Bike contest that I entered and did not win.  (I never win anything)  I had asked for some help with my entry (because I knew that with his help I would win)- but sadly I did not get any- and therefore I did not win.  So after we had discussed this, and I told him that he was going to win, he said that if he did he would sell it and buy me a Madsen Bike.  So I am holding him accountable.  He is, however, going to have to figure out how to win another Blackberry torch or two to cover the full price of my bike...  So we will give him until Christmas to be true to his word....

He is going to be pretty busy- since he has to study for the boards, raise the money for the other half of the Madsen bike, AND build a giant working replica of the blackberry torch out of Dinosaur fossils and chicken wire....

But I am sure that Old crazy eyes Mcgee can do it.
I will keep you updated on the status of the giant working replica AND my Madsen bike.  I'm thinking orange, or maybe baby blue....
Either way I can't wait to lug around the Rubes and the Noni in the back....
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  1. I think he'll have to win more than just another to be able to afford the bike. Sad day. Just think, one day we will both look back on these days when we had no money and think, man, that was awesome. Right now we think it sucks, but when we are rolling in the dough we will wish we were right back here, crying nightly for lack of it. (I'm crying, are you?)

  2. Crazy Eyes indeed! Yesterday Joel came home with fluorescent boogers from this neon stuff they put in his eyes. One day they won't have to study anymore right? It's midterms time again... Way to go on the boards Justin!!

  3. You had me laughing out loud again. Bahahaha!


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