Wednesday, October 27

There's a Daboo In My Pocket

The other night Justin got up from the couch, where he had been cuddling with Ruby, reached into his pocket and pulled out a yogurt tube (aka daboo- Ruby's old name for them) wrapper.
He immediately asked who put a yogurt tube in his pocket.
To which I replied- 'you did. Who else would do that?'  No one.
To which Justin replied 'Ruby would- Ruby puts things in my pocket all the time.'
To which Ruby replied. 'I did.  I did.  I did that.'
To which I replied 'Oh, I guess Ruby did it.'
I laugh everytime I think about this.  I can just see her eating her yogurt tube and when she finished it promptly slipping the remains in Justin's pocket.  How would you not notice that?  And what would possess Ruby to put her garbage in Justin's pocket?  I love it.  I LOVE IT.
Later he pulls out his phone which happened to be in the daboo pocket and sees that it is covered in yogurt.
Ruby never really finishes her yogurt tubes to the last drop...
And that is when he notices that the charger hole is FULL of yogurt.
'How do you get yogurt out of a charger hole?' He asks.
To which I reply 'You suck it out'
He was a little skeptical but thought he would try it anyway- and of course it worked.
Daboo crisis averted.  Phew.
Now if only we could teach Ruby to put her garbage where it rightfully belongs.
Or better yet- maybe she should put her skills to better use- a 3 year old pick pocket.  Nothing wrong with that right?


  1. I need to go buy some Daboos. Seriously. I miss you more than life itself. You may be homesick, but I am Snellsick, and that is WAY worse!

  2. I'm a long time reader, first time commenter.

    That's funny. Henry sometimes decides upon random places to stash certain things, and I can never figure out the logic behind it either. I also think the fact that old Golden Arms doesn't even notice other people putting things in his pocket is quite humorous, if not a tiny bit worrisome.

  3. I'm so glad to see that my children aren't the only weird ones in the family. :) I love that picture of Ruby. :) It looks like you.


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