Wednesday, October 20

Our Little Piece of Historic Heaven

We live across the street from a Cemetery.
It is actually an interesting thing to live across from a cemetery.
Interesting things that I notice now that I never would have before.
I have the privilege of watching the headstone ornamentation change with the seasons.
Right now some are decorated for halloween and some for fall.
I am excited for Christmas- it is going to look great out there.
Cemeteries also seem less creepy- now that I am used to one.

This wasn't the point of my post but I need to paint you a picture of our community.
We live across the street from a cemetery, a church, and more houses.
I am used to a park right outside my backyard- sadly there is not a park to be seen within a 15- 20 minute walk.
We are blessed with Murray park which has great hills, parks, pools, waterslides, roasting pits and trees.
We love it there- and do our best to get there as much as possible.
But when you need a quick trip outside- some place to get a breath of fresh air, just to be out for a few minutes- then I miss the park outside our back door.  And so does Ruby.
And somehow the Cemetery doesn't seem like an appropriate place to play...
But with a little investigation and some exploring- we found the perfect solution.
Our Little Piece of Historic Heaven- if you will.
It is located in the corner of the church parking lot beside us.
It houses a small historic building that was a storage building for grain...  something to do with the first pioneers.  I have read the plaque- but truthfully it wasn't that interesting.
But interesting or not- it is perfect to fit our needs.
There is a little piece of grass, a bench, some flowers, some rocks, just enough trees to give us some great shade, and best of all- a fence that keeps everyone inside.
It is relaxing and a great place for us.
We love it- and it seems like a little place that is just our own...  that no one else in the world knows about.
Made especially for us.
We love that place....

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  1. ahhhh, the sweetness of the earth, with its little angles right in the middle of it...


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