Tuesday, September 28

The Lord of The Ring

No- we didn't meet Frodo down here.Though I hear he resides somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains.
Ok- I made that up.
I haven't heard that anywhere.
Ok- I also admit that I know that all of you already knew that.
And I didn't need to clarify.
But I thought it was funny.
Input- anyone?
Anyway- tally ho, onward to the real meat of this post.
As we have already clarified- it is not Frodo but our own dear sweet hobbit- Noni that I am speaking of.
You have to admit that he does have some hobbit-like qualities.
He's small, He's cute, He has a large head in comparison to the rest of his body, he doesn't wear shoes, he is extremely loyal (except when he chooses Justin over me), he loves second breakfasts, and he has hairy toes.
In fact- I didn't realise how hobbit-like he was until I compiled this list...
Well, minus the hairy toes bit.
The last and most hobbit-like quality that he possesses is his uncanny attraction to his teething ring.
He loves that thing.
He has to have it in his hand to sleep now.
No soother for this guy anymore- just a ring in hand is required.
He takes it on our walks, he eats his second breakfasts with it.
If he wakes up in the middle of the night and I put it in his hand he settles right down.
I'm just saying- if there was a ring to rule all babies- it would be this one- and my baby would be the keeper of it.
Though it wouldn't have all those bad qualities about it.
Its just an innocent teething ring.
I swear...
He is such a sweet little hobbit....
I am really excited because....
Nienie is talking soon!
On Thursday in fact.
And we are going.
Kids and all.
Perhaps all of my dreams will come true....
Perhaps I will meet her.
And she can meet my baby- ring and all....
I'm sure she would like him....


  1. He has got to be the cutest hobbit I have ever seen.....

  2. Oh I love that little hobbit! And that teething ring fetish is so cute. Take lots of pictures tomorrow. (because then it will be like I was there. )

  3. what a happy little hobbit head

  4. I love hairy toes... wait, I mean... um...
    I love you!


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