Saturday, October 2


Yesterday we ventured out to Provo again.  We weren't sure what our van would do but I really wanted to go to the Rooftop Concert Series again.  Remember last time?  We had so much fun it seemed a shame to miss it just because of a silly unreliable van that may not get us there or take us home...  I mean- we are not going to let that hold us back.  It brought us across the country- it could bring us to Provo... right?
Well, as luck would have it- we got there and it was well worth it.
We went out for a delicious and very inexpensive dinner at El Salvador with some friends.
Then headed over to the concert, got some seats and headed to Sammy's for some pie and cupcake shakes.
Yes they are just as the name suggests- they put a whole piece of pie or a whole cupcake (depending on your choice- we chose both of course) into a cup with some ice cream and blend it up.
They were good, next time I will get just pie shakes- I liked them better.
We left with our goods and returned to our seats.
As we were walking to them who chances to walk by me?
Well- just the woman I have been hoping to meet this whole time I have been down here.
Yes- it was NieNie.
I walked right by her  and I wasn't even going to say anything but then I couldn't let her get away.
This could be my only chance.
I turned right around and I said hi.
I told her my whole story and how much I liked her and how our car broke down bladdy blah blah.
And Lucy (her sister) told her how they were saying Myers was Ever's husband.
And the band started... and all conversation seemed to be over and we each found our seats.
There was no time for a picture.
I was happy to have spoken to her.
It was wonderful!
She is wonderful!
And I did it.  I had the opportunity to speak to her and I did.  My goal was accomplished.  I can now say I met her and I like her just as much in person.
The concert continued and we had to move from our spot because it was a little too loud for the kidlets.
We were right in front of the speaker.
So we moved off to the side and behind the speakers.
Ruby danced.
Myers got tired and fussed most of the time.  But they both still made sure to entertain and charm the masses.  Which they did very well- if I do say so myself.
As the night was coming to an end and I was walking around with Myers trying to get him to sleep I glanced over at our chairs and who would be standing there?
So, of course, I went back over there.
I patiently waited while she was bombarded by the masses.
And then I bombarded her again.
We talked for a little while longer and then I, once again, asked for a picture.
And here it is.

(She looks just as happy to meet me as I was to meet her...  don't you think?)
Isn't it wonderful!
She really is an amazing woman.
As we were done and just chatting Myers couldn't stand it anymore and he reached out to her.
He can tell what a wonderful person she is.  He just wanted to be nearer to her.
So she took him and held him.
And he loved it.  He snuggled in for a good hug and then she handed him back.
And once again he reached out for her.
She hugged him and gave him a kiss.  And that seemed to satisfy him.
He really liked her.
We chatted about him for a little while longer and then it was time for us to go.
My dream of meeting this amazing woman while here in Utah had been realised.
And I still can't believe it.
And she was wonderful.
After the whole ordeal on Friday I was still able to meet her and have a conversation with her and learn a little bit more about her.
If you don't know NieNie you should read about her.
And take it from me- she is just as wonderful in person.
Maybe, if I'm lucky, I will run into her again.
Maybe, if Myers is lucky, he will too....

And the Rooftop Concert was also wonderful.  The Lower Lights were there- and they are quite the talented group!  I hope we can make it to the next one.... And if you have the chance- take it.  In fact... come down and visit us when the next one is going on!!!  You will love it.  We will love it.  Win. Win.

And seriously, can you believe I met NieNie the day after the whole van ordeal??  I am amazed and grateful...


  1. I love this post. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have no words.
    I am seething with jealousy! I wish I could have come this weekend...if only I had a passport!

    I am also super happy for you (underneath all that seething!)

    I love her.

    And you.

    And that Myers loved her too!

    So I am glad you guys got to hook up!!!!

  3. You are one of the best stalkers I've met Cheryl. ;) Sort of scared of you now.

    Just kidding. Congrats on the face to face.

  4. Oh my gosh I am so jealous!!! :) That is sooo awesome that you got to meet her AND take a picture with her cuteness! She is so amazing and I'm sure you could feel that oozing out of her. Okay - maybe not oozing - but you know ;) That is awesome. And that is so cute that Myers loved her so much. Loved this post. xoxo

  5. I loved this post too! I didn't know what would happen next, so I scrolled down the page furiously to find out. Then I remembered that I was there that night so I knew what would happen next, but you tell it will that much more pazazzaz and zest! It's like I'm experiencing it again for the first time. And let me tell you, I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT!


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