Thursday, October 7

What's $6.98 Among Strangers?

Today we took a trip to what may be my favorite store.
The one reason I wanted to move down here.
I love it.
I can't deny it any longer.
I just like it.
While we were there Ruby had to go pee- so Justin took her and Noni and I browsed the wallets.
Just for fun.
I saw this cool/unusual wallet so naturally I let Noni play with it since he was fussing a little bit.
Then I thought nothing of it.
We reunited ourselves with J and Ruby and headed to the checkout.
I ran to get another item that we had forgotten and Ruby and Justin unloaded the cart.
When I got back Justin asked me if I wanted the wallet.
I said no.
I had no intention of buying it- though I did think it was cute...
He handed it to the cashier to put aside and we proceeded with our order.
The lady behind us started talking about how we don't go shopping with husbands because they don't let us buy all the frivolous things that we want, we are more accountable when they are around, and other such things...
We nodded and smiled and went our way.
(I realised later that she must have thought Justin wasn't letting me get the wallet- which in her eyes I really wanted and she felt bad for me...  not the case by the way...)
Anyway we are getting into our van- I was thinking about the wallet (because as it turns out I was having second thoughts about saying I didn't want it...)- and there she was- handing me the wallet.
She didn't say anything- just that someone had done it for her before.
I was astounded.
I don't think I thanked her sufficiently.
I was too shocked.
What a nice and kind thing to do.
So not I own a new wallet/clutch and I am reminded of service and kindness (and the movie Paying it Forward) every time I see it.
So to the woman who bought me my new wallet.
Thank you.
What a wonderful thing to do for a stranger.

(And I would like to put on the record that Justin would have let me buy the wallet if I had wanted to- he wasn't dissuading me or trying to make me feel bad- he was just asking if I wanted it.... turns out I LOVE it!!)


  1. wow cheryl for the rest of your life you will think of that lovely women and her great kindness and you will play it forward with thanks in your heart for her....

  2. That is a great wallet and a great story. Too bad Justin is such a meeeeanie...that was the point right?
    Just kidding, I know he lets you buy frivolous things all the time, like pink futons and stuff.
    Next time I go to Target (or my first time...whatever) I will be sure to go to the diamond department (they have one right?!) and then sadly leave my 10 qt watch when my meeanie of a husband (just kidding, he "lets" me buy lots of stuff too...mostly from etsy...and then he lovingly shuts down my paypal occasionally...for all of our good...) won't let me take it home.

  3. It's called Karma. You and Justin have done (and continue to do) some amazing things for the people around you. I have always thought, "I want to be more like Cheryl and Justin in doing service." Seriously.... I've thought that lots.

  4. What a nice lady!
    By the way, I follow and she posts weekly Target deals every week (Just in case you're interested). I love Target too, I just wish we lived closer to one :)

  5. I have to agree with Natalie. It IS Karma. Paying it Forward is what you guys do best! What a cool story!!


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