Sunday, September 12

Star Struck

Friday was a great day for us.
I searched all over Utah County for some swimsuits- which I eventually found.
Justin went to work.
We all came home and had a nap.
Then we headed out to find the final swimtop that I was looking for
With much effort- we went to the first installment of THE ROOFTOP CONCERT SERIES...
 (That's Benton Paul- check out his song 'I Only See You'
it's pretty awesome)
It really was a lot of effort-
and we almost didn't go.
But boy- that would have been a HUGE mistake.
We showed up late (because it was so much effort) but we enjoyed every second.
Justin and Ruby danced the night away.

While Noni slept in the ergo and I swayed.
And then Noni woke up.
 (Isn't that face awesome)
And danced in the ergo.
I spent most of the time looking for Cjane, Chup (her husband), and NieNie (of course).
In between the searching we all enjoyed the music and the fresh outdoor provo air.
And then I spotted him.

He was there.
(I swear we aren't creepers or stalkers- just inspired by things they have to say- or write)
The concert ended and we took our tired little kiddos toward the car.
And we passed him.
I was excited- and I dare say Justin felt it too.
The excitement.
We walked about 10 steps and then I stopped.
I really wanted to tell him that it was an amazing concert and that we had ALOT of fun.
If it wasn't for Justin I wouldn't have had the guts.
But he started the upward climb towards him.
And we stopped.
And we talked to him.
We told him what a wonderful time we had and how great it was.
He agreed that it was fun and thanked us for coming.
He was really friendly.
And I spotted Cjane and her kids in the car that we were near.
I thought it was a little too creepy to walk up the window and knock on it.
So I didn't.
I'll have another chance...
There is another Rooftop Concert October 1st. 
We'll be there- and this time we will be on time and bring chairs. 
Oh- and I'll meet Cjane.
I'm sure...
It was seriously so fun.

I want to do it again today.


  1. I LOVE the pictures!! Wish I was there!!

  2. I think Myers ate too many googley eyes and now they have replaced his real eyes. What a cute-head!


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