Saturday, March 27

Teddy Bear Bread Meets Our Little Hobo....

My mom used to make teddy bear bread with us when I was a child. I always remember loving it- there is something special about bread being in a special shape- well really lets be honest here- who doesn't like anything more when it is in a different shape?
pancakes shaped like letters or Mickey mouse heads
Chia pets shaped like Homer
Rocks shaped like hearts
Coke in an old-fashioned bottle
A cloud shaped like a dinosaur
Shrunken half eaten rotten apples shaped like an old mans face without any teeth...
(you know what I'm talking about)
And the list goes on and on
When something has a cool shape we are drawn to it- it seems better than the normal circular pancake even though they taste the same.
Well this holds true for the teddy bear bread as well.
I have many a fond memory of teddy bear bread.
And now so does Ruby.
As you can see here she loved making the bread.

And then it grew from baby teddy to big mondo teddy

And then when it was fully cooked Ruby and teddy became fast friends

Though she didn't hesitate to eat it

But later asked if she could hold teddy- only to find that he was half gone... She didn't believe me at first.
And when my back was turned she went into the kitchen to save her dear teddy from the rest of the ravenous snelldogs...

She quickly added him to her hobo stash

But when she got hungry I saw her sneaking a few bites of teddy herself....
I guess 'a hobos gotta do what a hobos gotta do'...
Thanks for the idea mom! Love you!
I'm thinking a 'Hobo vs. The Dinosaur' sequel is in order...


  1. Jared says that Ruby comes by it honestly, that when Justin used to come into town, for an hour or a weekend, he would always bring his backpack, which was loaded with his life. There was always a change of clothes, a hat, a teddybear bread loaf - you know, the basics. \

    PS You caught me LOLing again - but you are going to have to work a little harder to get me to ROTFLOL.

  2. you should tell Jared to become a follower of my blog and then he can post his own comments!! plus I love followers even if I have to guilt them into it!

  3. that's a great idea! could you send me the recipe? I'm not much of a baker but I'll give it a try :) thanks! You can leave it as a comment on my blog if you want :)


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