Wednesday, March 24

Take The Time

I am going to take the time to tell you to do 2 things:
1. Take the time to read this article in the March Ensign (it is very short and well worth the read)
And remember “Quality [time] is a direct function of quantity [time]—and mothers, to nurture their children properly, must provide both.” Elder Ballard

And number 2. Take the time to bask in the Cuteness of these 2....and the cuteness of your own children of course...

Myers is quite the fat head!!! We love it!! Wait until you see his passport photos- AMAZING!
(and as a side note- Myers' shirt says 'HAHA you're old' every time I read it I laugh)


  1. "You May Also Like" is awesome!!!
    And... Myers is so stinking cute I could DIE! Remember how I used to just love to squish Ruby, because she was so squishy? Well, I'm pretty sure I won't ever be able to get enough of Myers. We can't get out there soon enough!

  2. I agree Myers us so stinkin cute...BUT i just CAN'T GET OVER how his face doesn't change in any of the pics! hahaha


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