Tuesday, March 16

Buggin' Me

1. Dear Kid Walking Up Westmount With His Friends,
WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Did I seriously witness you littering? LITTERING? Seriously? Did you just drop your pop bottle on the grass and keep walking? Did you know that that is garbage? Not to mention that those are recyclable and even worth money in some areas (though sadly not here)? Did you know that that is absolutely ridiculous? YOU LITTERED!!!! Who purposely does that anymore? Me Annoyed- at you!!!!

Dear Friends of Kid Who Littered-
WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING??? It seems like such a stupid and uncool thing to do- why wouldn't you say that to him? Wierd. If it was me I would have said something.

Dear Anyone I Know Or Don't Know For That Matter-
DON'T LITTER- ITS DUMB. The least that you could do for this earth is throw away your garbage- its a start anyway.

I am not really a save the earth type of person- I mean I want the earth saved- don't get me wrong- but I wouldn't call myself an activist.... I was just really annoyed with the Litterbug kid and his friends- we all know better than that. So now that it is off my chest and out on the world wide web I feel better.

2. Dear Lady at Wimpy's Who Asked If Ruby Went To Daycare Just Because She Was Outgoing and Social:
WOW- What an interesting comment. Your first instinct was that Ruby could only be friendly and outgoing and social if she went to daycare? Wow- that is all I can think to say. Oh and that I am sad you feel that way.

Anyway- now I feel better......


  1. Ava was throwing trash out her window yesterday. It was so embarrassing, I hope it wasn't her! Needless to say, we had a little talk. Love your blog!!


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