Friday, March 26

Blog Banter

Recently I made granola and had to mix it with my hand. Because of the amount of granola we make at one time along with the honey and oils that are required- anything but a thorough hand mixing would be inadequate. So i sacrificed my dignity and I mixed it with my hands- therefore resulting in granola hand. I thought it was awesome- but some thought it a little on the gross side. So for them I did this....

So 'handsfull'- if ever you would like to be 'hands full of granola' or 'soft handsfull' you know where to go!!! I will always have a bowl full of granola waiting for you- because I like you...

*I have now made it easier to comment on my blog- so take advantage! I love to hear from you!*

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  1. Rarely when I write "LOL" - okay, honestly, I rarely write "LOL", but anyway - rarely when I write "LOL" am I actually laughing out loud. Yet, at this very moment, I am laughing out loud! Aren't you so happy that I am blogging now so that we can blog banter. Bring it on: the banter and the soft granola hand! (Maybe you should sell it as a exfoliant instead of food.)


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