Wednesday, March 10


When most children are aspiring to be princesses or astronauts
our sweet Rublet is training to be a
or a

depending on how you look at it.

This is her today-

She was carrying everything she could in that stroller and in the 2 bags hanging off the back....
She would walk around the house with that and when she saw something that caught her eye she would take it and add it to her stash.
Justin commented on our little hobo-in-training but I like to think that she will always have a home with us so therefore will never be homeless. I like to see her in a more positive light- as our little hoarder. Do you think TLC would be interested in a new show?? 'When Toddlers and Their Trinkets Get Out of Hand- a true glimpse into the life of a toddler and their stuff.' I should really copyright that or something- I can see it becoming a hit.

And a Ruby quote of the day- 'The Holy Bible- by Robert Munsch.'
She's still learning...


  1. Haha, what a hobo!....or maybe she's just been shopping a time or two with her mom. "grab grab grab" (just kidding)

  2. I found your blog! You guys sure have a cute family Justin!


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