Thursday, March 18

Good To Me

First of all I would like to thank all of you who seem to have a vested interest in my wardrobe.... I am just going to think that you are all good friends and not take it that I have bad style and am in desperate need of a wardrobe make over... (which sadly I am)
Anyway- thank you for all of your thoughts and comments! A special thanks goes out to Jenny-(you should read her blog) she actually went out and found it for me and picked it up (what a good friend- I miss her) along with a few other things of course! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! So now the dress that has been calling my name will soon be in my possession- without the outrageous shipping costs-
Secondly- we are going to florida!!! Disney princesses here we come!! I am so excited! Everything is booked and there is no turning back now- it is going to be AWESOME! Hopefully some of that florida sun will turn these see-thru legs of mine a color that is a little more bearable without the safety of sunglasses. Seriously.
And thirdly- My labels made an appearance in my mailbox today!! I am excited to use them!!! Now all I have to do is find the time to make things that are actually worthy of the Noni Label....
And lastly- tomorrow is friday and that means more time with mr.snelldog!!! The sun is shining, the snow has disappeared, my wardrobe is looking a little better, and we are going to FLORIDA! Things are looking up for the snelldog household! Not that they were ever looking down...


  1. First of all, this trip to boring old Florida better not get in the way of spectacular Ohio?!?!
    Second of all, why didn't you invite me? I love Cinderella!
    Thirdly, you owe me a million dollars! The dress is cute. It doesn't fit me, so I guess I will let you have it. It all came to 95 American, I'll let you know the exchange.
    Fourthly, thanks for the blog shout out. When I get 20 followers, I am going to have a giveaway. If you keep being so nice to me, I might rig it so you win...

  2. I take care of your clothing needs too. Remember when I bought you those butt-less chaps with a separate butt in case you wanted butt-ed chaps? It's always good to have options!

  3. There is no such thing as butt-less, or butt-ed chaps. Chaps, by their nature, are butt-less. If they weren't butt-less, they would just be pants. However, that was very nice of you to get Cheryl whatever it was that you got her.

  4. Oh that sounds like fun! We are planning on going to Florida too! When are you guys going?


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