Sunday, March 21

Granola Hand

Today was our semi-annual granola making fest.
Truthfully this was only our second time making granola-
but it is twice in a year span
and we probably won't make it again this year
so therefore I declare this our semi-annual granola making fest.

And here are the dividends from so-called fest.

And this...
We like to call this granola hand...

Ruby was a little scared of my granola hand. But lets face it- Ruby is scared of everything. She is our little- scaredy- girl- tender- heart and we love it. A little bit of her fright might have been attributed to the fact that I came after her with the granola hand while growling... but who's to say the cause?

I think I may have to market this granola stuff not only as a delicious-healthy-packed with omega-3s- breakfast cereal but as a hand (and possibly foot) spa treatment. My hand is seriously SO SOFT. If I had known THAT I may have had a granola bath- or atleast used both hands to mix it....
And for those who may potentially eat this- I would like to clarify that- I did NOT have a granola bath and I washed my hands before touching any of it.... promise.


  1. Um, I love your skin, so I'd eat it, but the fact that your hand is so soft now... is still kind of gross.

  2. i would have to say that i agree with Hands Full...

  3. I would eat that granola...looks like you have some to know where I live...does it have nuts in it? will it make my insides soft when I eat it?


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