Monday, March 15

Us Today

Best Friends.....
Cutie cry face..... I guess he's just not ready to choose his bff yet.
The Guys just hangin' out... 2 happy little heads...
And the family that is ours.... We are pretty awesome if I do say so myself....

Our day consisted of passport updating, passport photo taking, diaper buying (great deal on now at zehrs...), fabriclanding- however disappointing that always is...., rw&co- with no results to speak of, car riding, and wimpys- home of the 10 oz wimpy burger--- delish, and after all of that we still had time to take some family photos. We are amazing!
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  1. I love those happy little heads!

    How was Whimpy's?

    I love Myers. Remember how you stole one of Eli's pyjamas from us, well, consider it a gift from Eli to him. They can be BFFs!

  2. Whimpy's was delicious!
    I do remember the pjs- in fact I unpacked them yesterday- they won't fit for a while...


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