Thursday, April 30


We are at the resting point of our trip
And what better place to rest then in the home of Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Dwight and the rest of the gang?
It just Justin, Ruby, me, the office, and thirty thousand pounds of bananas
its a song
One that my dad played for us on many long road trips
A song about scranton and thirty thousand pounds of bananas
when our laptop starts working again I will link it for you
-don't ask-

And don't ask about the undercover cop and his mannequin passenger
- I have already said too much-

Next stop- MARTHA STEWART- wish us luck!!!

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  1. I was watching the Office when I read this!

    I can't wait to hear about MARTHA!!!! (Who sent you? TT?! I'll cut you both!)

    I just finished drinking the still not flat miracle ginger was good. So was the apple juice...and the flax meal, even though it is still falling out of the freezer when I open it- it will probably still be doing it when you get back. I wonder how the missionaries are enjoying thier "treats"...maybe we should have them over for dinner...

    Say hi to the Hughes !!!! (and Martha...)


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