Friday, April 17


It was beautiful out today- Ruby and I spent the whole day outside.
My outlook is now brightened
My hair is now lightened
My body is tired
My day was awesome
And I now look like this:


I blame Jenn......
But I look forward to many more days like this- but with the added protection of sunscreen....

On a side note I went to Superstore to buy some more natural sunscreen (without all the added junk) that I had been talking to Jenn about- I was quite happy with myself that I found some and because there was no price written under it I made a quick mental note to watch as it went through the till and check the press. Well of course I forgot and when I checked the bill I saw that it cost 30 dollars. Now that is a little steep for me- I will keep looking. Unfortunately I had already paid at this point so I had to go to the customer service to have it refunded. I just thought that it was a little ironic and perhaps a little interesting to see the beet red girl returning sunscreen. When the attendant asked if there was anything wrong with the product I should have said 'Yah- can you see me? Apparently this natural stuff isn't worth 30 dollars'...
Just thought it would be funny.


  1. Your potential skin cancer medical bills will probably cost more than $30...ouch... snap...burn...

    Just kidding, I would have done the same thing.

  2. whats funny about this post to me is the picture does not do your burn justice.. it looks like a mild tan in the picture and in real life.. tomato!

  3. LOL! I second Robin's comment!!! But the next day you did look like this picture - mild it all worked out. Now you have a head start on your summer tan...compared to the rest of us who are still pasty white :)


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