Wednesday, April 22

Ruby want a cracker?

Ruby has been excruciatingly sick these past couple of days.
I mean fever in the 40's puking, 16 times in a 12 hour period, not sleeping, not eating, not doing anything but laying, taking tylenol, and drinking plenty of fluids (well whatever we could force her to drink).
Justin and I have been worried and last night was no different.
We were woken up around 3AM by Ruby's crying- nothing would calm her. She didn't want water, juice, gingerale, milk, tylenol, a mama nuggle or even her favorite- a dada nuggle. Nothing- we were out of ideas.
Until inspiration came to me- she must be hungry- maybe she wants a cracker- and surprisingly that is what calmed her.
A cracker....
I know it seems minor and not a big deal but all I can say is that it was at the time.
Call it what you may but I say-
YEAH for mother's intuition.
I think woman are amazing and we are blessed with many gifts- I am especially grateful for mother's intuition- I am grateful for MY mother and her intuition- she continues to amaze me.
I think I am finally getting the hang of it... even if it is only to know that Ruby may want a cracker!
Now I am not going to mention the millions of crumbs that are covering our bed... I just try to ignore them as I sleep...
I also want to mention that I am grateful for the priesthood which Justin holds- it too is an amazing gift for our family.


  1. I'm amazed you thought of that! I would have just floundered around all night.

  2. Poor Ruby! This is what Ben had...FOR TEN DAYS!!! It was horrible horrible horrible and we wore out our washer!

    I sincerly hope Ruby is better much sooner then that!

    I hope you enjoy this comment...your comments on my blog still total zero however I will give a bonus point for the link :)

    Get her to drink pedialite...the plain flavored stuff and put it in apple juice or something else that she will drink...from having lived through this (and EVERYONE has it too btw) that is all the advice I can offer so you don't have to bring her to the germy Dr's about it.

  3. Can I have a mama nuggle when you get here?


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