Thursday, April 16

It's BA-ACK!!!

If you have been calling me lately you may have noticed that I NEVER answer my phone. Don't take it personally I still love you all and I have a good explanation for the lack of answering-
I physically could not keep track of my phones. I never knew where they were and frankly I didn't care. I say phoneS plural because I had one phone (my samsung) and lost it -case and point- and then used another phone (my old Nokia) while I was waiting for my Nokia E71 to be replaced.
My phone meant nothing to me- I could not make myself keep track of it or force myself to feel any remorse when I missed a call.
This has since been remedied- all has been made right in the world.
My new Nokia E71 is now in the hands of its rightful owner- ME.
Your calls will now be answered and I will now know the whereabouts of my phone at ALL times-
And it will never be near liquid- you can count on that.....

So we are back in the game and tetris wars are back on.... Though in my phones absence Justin has found a new game that he loves- Pokeman (is that how you spell it? I have never had to spell it before and frankly I am too lazy to check it out on the interweb).
Here we are sporting our Nokias. You are never to young to have a cell phone right?


  1. firstly.. pokemon?? seriously.. your husband is a game nerd. second ruby could not be cuter in that picture!

  2. Well Robin, I was going to name the next Pokemon that I caught in the forest after you, but now I'm thinking twice about it.

  3. hahaha.. I'll take back my comment if you do!!


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