Thursday, April 2

Dance Inspiration

I love to dance but:
I am not a dancer- well not individually at least. I just don't have the rhythm- I need Justin's rhythm to make up for my lack thereof.
I love to jive and dance with Justin
but get me on the dance floor in a circle where everyone is and is not my dance partner and I freeze.
I turn into Megan Joy from American Idol- I am stuck in one spot doing the corkscrew looking like a fool- not exactly sure what to do with my arms but I become the lead singer of the song that is playing thinking that it makes up for it all.
Just talk to anyone who knew me in my youth dance stage... it was not a pretty sight.
I still to this day am self conscious about my dancing in public but am slowly getting better. Dancing in the comfort of my own home is another story entirely- I can let loose and be free.
Recently I have found some inspiration- give me a little Jason Mraz 'I'm Yours' and some Ellen DeGeneres dance moves and I am transformed into a lean mean dancing machine!!

Just a little dance move to inspire you all- I call this one

I will have to master my dancing skills if I ever want to fulfill my dream of being the lead in a Broadway musical...


  1. I think you're a great dancer, just for the record. And your Ellen impersonation is Ellenerific!


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