Sunday, April 5

The Fort

Snelldog Instructions for building a snellerific fort:

List of Materials:
One couch
One love seat
One Chair
3 blankets
One Mother
One Father
One family friend (Shandelle)
One Rublet
One camera to take video and pictures

1. Situate couch and love seat so their backs are facing each other
2. Place 2 Blankets over top
3. Place one blanket as the door
4. Enjoy your new home

Result- a fun time had by all

To increase the fun tenfold place child on the 'roof' as per her request. Be sure to have someone holding the blanket roof down on either side.

Result- a fun time had by all

To increase the fun and danger level an hundred fold have mother lay on the 'roof' with child. Have family friend lay on the back of one couch to hold the blankets down and father hold the blankets down on the other side....

Result- One couch fallen on the floor- scary- one father letting out a few girl screams, one child who is fine and had fun, one mother who cannot control her laughter at the father who is screaming like a girl, one dazed friend, and one interesting video.
But in the end a fun time had by all.

Disclaimer- do not try this at home- this was done by trained professionals and thankfully no one was hurt.

***To have a more successful attempt at mother and child laying on the roof of the fort have family friend simply hold down the blankets and not lay on the back of the couch....

(Video will be available for purchase at your request- simply contact me.)


  1. It was fun and very scary. I like how you mentioned my girlish screams not once, but twice in the same paragraph!

  2. Justin's screams were my favorite part as well. I would also be interested in purchasing said video and should really call me sometime:)

  3. haha this made me laugh hard!


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