Friday, May 1


We have been truly blessed in the celebrity department lately
We saw Jimmy Fallon today in our many Snughes adventures-
He flashed me the TWO finger wave-
In everyday lingo this would be interpreted as the peace sign- but he is a celebrity-
What could this mean in celebrity speak?
My thoughts include:
Can you and two of your friends come to my next show?
You are two times prettier than any celebrity I have ever come in contact with.
I will be back in 2 minutes to chat with you and your friends.
I will give you 2 million dollars for free
I can't stay I have to go number two
Your child looks to be about 2 minutes old
2 is the only even prime
You have 2 seconds to get away from me
I have seen your friends 2 times now and they are getting on my nerves
Their baby isn't as cute the second time
This is my gang symbol
He was really hungry and going to get the 2 cheeseburger meal
He could have been pulling out the scissors to cut my paper- (If he got confused and thought that I was playing rock-paper-scissors) unfortunately 30 Rock kills scissors everytime....
I guess we will never know what was going on in Jimmy's mind-

until tomorrow of course when we wait outside thirty rock again to stop him and clear up this issue.....

Other celebrity sitings include- Jennifer garner and Martha Stewart....


  1. LOL!!! You are TWO funny! (SOOO cheesy - I know) p.s. you must post about your Martha experience - did she say she absolutely LOOOOOOVED French Pastry or what? :)

  2. p.s. I love the combination of names - SNUGHES. Now what would Snell + Peterson be? SNETERSON? PETERSNELL? SNELLSON? PETELL?

  3. *GASP* lauphing too hard...can't comment now...

  4. I think he was saying '2 can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one' he's lonely! It was a cry for help!

  5. Justin...I am so confussed.


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