Saturday, December 4

I'm trying to win a phone! (This is Justin BTW)

Hi friends and fellow blog-readers.  This is Justin doing all the hard blog-post-creating today.  I decided to give Cheryl a little break.  She works so hard to keep everyone updated on our goings-on.  All from this little 10" netbook with tiny little keys to type on!  You should all give her a virtual pat on the back (or real one if you are close to her back in the near future).  Anyway, the reason for my taking the initiative to make a post is a little bit (completely) self-serving.  So sit back and I will unfold the mystery to you before your very eyes.  (Now that you're all captivated I wish I could make one of those scary faces pop up on your computer screens and scare you all).  Anyways, back to my story:  You may or may not know that I fancy cell phones, especially those of the 'smart' persuasion.  Well, I've started entering contests to win various smartphones because I like smartphones and I like winning things, so it only stands to reason that I would like winning smartphones.  The one I currently have my eye on - (my right eye that is, it's my dominant eye) - is none other than the Nokia N8.  It's pretty and you all know how I like pretty things (like Cheryl).  Well to make a mid-length story a bit longer, there is a little competition that Nokia is putting on where they are asking regular Joe's (such as myself) to write a blog post explaining what I would do with a Nokia N8 for the holiday season.  If I am chosen (like the little green aliens on Toy Story) they will lend me an N8 for the holidays, and if I make a second blog post at the end detailing what I did with said phone, they may let me keep it!  So the next post will be a short detailing of what I plan to do if they lend me this phone.  I'm excited!  On a side note: Go Christmas!

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