Thursday, September 9

Olympic Fountain

So- to tell you the truth- I have been chasing Shade Clothing around Utah trying to get the best deals possible...
I now have enough swimsuits to last me a lifetime and I couldn't be more excited.
A whole beautiful, wonderful swimsuit for $14.  I couldn't ask for more... really.
Anyway- while on the last excursion we happened upon the Olympic fountain at Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake.
It was worth the trip!
And no need to worry I had no water up the bum incidents like last time.
If you are unfamiliar with that time- be sure to read up on it here.  It was awesome.
We definitely enjoyed this fountain- and will be visiting again soon.
We need to get back there before it gets too cold!
We`ll be back- preferably earlier in the day, before its too cold, and when I have more battery life left in my camera...  I only had enough for these two pictures.
But don`t worry- I`ll get more- I have a lot more shade shopping to do....

We have some fun plans for tomorrow!!  We are going to the Rooftop Concert Series in Provo.
That`s right- its a concert, on a roof, for free!!
It should be fun!
You can check out more of the details here- you know- if you want to join us.....
Maybe I`ll get to meet NieNie... Then all my dreams would come true....
WHAT!  You don`t know nienie?  You don't know English! 
Check her out... very inspirational... very awesome.
I just want to meet her.

Oh- and while we are talking about stuff- Clark and Jayne had their baby- today.  Apparently everything went well- and they will be down here to join us on Monday....


  1. SO JEALOUS about the Shade suits! I'm leaving for Utah soon, but will miss the sales! BUMMER! But excited for you- pretty sweet timing on your part! ;)

  2. Yeah for them!!!

    In other news, I heard that Justin went to Cafe Rio without you. Rude.

  3. I really wanted a tank-ini but they didn't have my size!


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