Wednesday, September 8

How Are We Doing?

We are often asked 'How are you doing?'
I enjoy this question- so keep it coming- I love to hear from you guys...
I thought it was time; however, that I did a mass blog about our 'doings'
Besides the-
van mirror being busted off. We are doing really well.
I really have no other word to explain that except- busted.
It really was and is.
Before you get the wrong idea-

I had no part in the busting.
Except for the innocent bystander part- if that is counted as a part.
He backed up and didn't realize that there was a pole right beside him....
But no need to worry...
Justin fixed it up with gorrilla tape.
It look almost as it was- see for yourself

I mean besides the minor cracks-
but those are barely noticable right?

We also found out on sunday that we have been going to the wrong ward.
Yup- I mean who would assume that the building right across the street would include our ward.
Only crazy non-Utahns.
There are 3 buildings close to us and we are in the FARTHEST ONE.
There is a building right across the street from us.
Only half of our complex is lucky enough to go there.
The rest of us have to haul our butts ONE WHOLE MILE to church.
Can you believe it?
We are so hard done by out here.
In our defense- we had no internet so Justin just went to the building and asked and was told which ward to go to, we gave our address and everything to the ward clerk on the first sunday and he didn't say anything, and even a member of our bishopric wants us to keep coming to the wrong ward.  He must think we are awesome- or they need the numbers..... hmmm.

We are loving the weather, the targets, the shopping, our apartment, the Cafe Rio (which we went to last night- delish), the time spent together (because we have no TV and only one set of friends so far), and the fun.  We are looking forward to more adventures in the great Utah and only wish that everyone was here to enjoy them with us...

It looks like we may have some room during conference time... any takers???


  1. The Fun of adventures in our lives...they are what keeps life so interesting and yes, funny.....

  2. Wish I could come for conference.. :) I love reading your blog!! I also love the picture of the broken mirror and the fact that you can see the face of the one who did it. :)

  3. It does look as good as new. I love your van.

  4. Our van is awesome and strong. I will call her clemintine the great. If I was a van and someone backed me up and snapped my arm off, I wouldn't be too impressed. But old Clem just keeps on going. She loves us and we love her. Even with her missing top gear and two cracked exhaust manifolds. That's all what I call personality.


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