Tuesday, September 21

A Little Warning Would Have Been Nice....

Nobody told me I would find spiders like this down here.
(don't be deceived- that is one honking huge spider.)
I mean if I thought about it I am sure that I could have deduced that there would have been.
We do live in a warmer climate.
But I shouldn't have to think about things like that.
Someone should have just told me.
For future reference could you please prepare me?
Just so I don't freak out in front of the neighbors next time?
It is hard to make friends when that is their first impression of you.
Just a little warning would be nice.
And for those of you who knew that I would face 'arachnids of unusual size' and didn't tell me...
Shame on you.

Oh- and I just found out that NieNie is speaking at BYU on September 30.  I'm going....  and I would love all of you to join me!!!  So grab your passports and COME ON DOWN!!

Recently I picked these fabrics up for really cheap at a local quilt shop- which I am now in love with...  The quilt shop that is- and the fabrics... I am excited to see what they become...  Aren't they beautiful?

And lastly- MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY TOMORROW!!!  I wish I could be back in Alberta to help her with everything, but alas- a blog shout out will have to do.  We love you- we love your babies and we are very excited to meet the new addition soon.  Just don't let her grow too big before we get there... deal?


  1. Of course you would have a spider run in!
    Stay away from the tropics!

    I hope you didn't have your shoe mid air when your arachnid rights activist neighbor found you....you won't win any friends that way...oh right, you already learning that the hard way...

    I grabbed my passport, but it is expired...bah! You will have to take notes for me. And get her autograph!

  2. I know I saw that on her blog this morning & guess what WE WILL BE IN UTAH!!! I am going to try to be there! Maybe I'll see you! ;)

  3. p.s. what part of utah do you live in?

  4. We live just south of Salt Lake! I hope to see you there!! When do you get down here?

  5. I love you, and wish I were there with you to figure out what to do with that beautiful fabric. I miss you and your arachnophobia.

  6. That's just a little cutie spider. He can be our pet. We'll name him Ned


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