Monday, September 6

'Broke My Back' Mountain

We barely survived but we did.

We hiked up to the Timpanogos caves.
It took us about 55 minutes to get up there.
I had the privilege of carrying the Noni.

Justin carried the Ruby.

She did walk some of the time but Justin definitely did his fair share of carrying.
We are sore.
More sore than I have ever been.
Every inch of my body hurts- and I expect that it will for a LONG time.
The Savages came along for the torture.
We were all wiped out by the end.
I am telling you that hike is hard.
There was a point where I wasn't sure if Noni and I were going to make it.
But we did.
And we were the first ones to get up there.
 (You can't see him- but he's on my back)
It was a close race.
But we won.
We are that awesome.
I would even go as far as to say that we are unbeatable.
I challenge any mother/25 pound infant combo to a Timpanogos duel.
Bring it.  But please wait until I am healed...  That could take a long time.

Just in case you don't believe that it was hard there is no denying these pictures.

That is true blue- through and through genuine SWEAT.
And to prove that we made it to the top- we have this picture.

We explored the caves and enjoyed every moment of it.
Despite the desperate attempts of the ranger tour guide.
He did all he could to make sure that every aspect of the tour was a downer.
No talking.  No laughing.  No having fun.
His only rules.
He didn't know who he was touring though.
He didn't succeed in his fun squashing.
And I think it annoyed him...
Ruby just discovered the true joy of 'thumbs up'.  She can also jump consistently with two feet!!!  Hooray!!
Here she is jumping up the cave steps.
Isn't that an incredible view?  It was AMAZING!
And for your pure enjoyment.....
Here is our after picture.

ALL the kids fell asleep on the way down.
Ruby even looked up at Justin on our way down and said 'I think I might fall asleep.'
30 seconds later she was.
This is what we all looked like.
Its not pretty- but its honest.
Ruby looks exceptionally happy.  I think its because she didn't have to carry herself up or down that mountain...
It really was a great experience.  I am proud to say we did it.  I DID IT!  I carried that baby and it was awesome.


  1. Finally! I have been waiting all day for this post. :) I love you guys!

  2. K, so you can probably appreciate how fun it was last year, when Bob made me hike up six months pregnant with Liam and carrying Charlie - cause she wanted her mommy!!!

  3. I did that hike and I also thought I was going to die. I wasn't even carrying a baby. Well done.

  4. We were reading your blog this morning during breakfast, by we I mean Benjamin and I. He pointed at Myers and "oooooh"ed for him! Great job on the climb!

  5. Wow way to go guys, especially the parents carrying the

  6. Wow, way to go especially carrying thoses two

  7. That spot on my crotch that you have all been wondering about is water that Ruby spilled on me. Just for the record. I didn't pee. There was a bathroom up there so if I had to pee I would have peed in the bathroom... If I had to...but I didn't... it's water

  8. Wonderful blogging! Just want to say "hi" from Calgary, Alberta, Elliston Park Ward.

    Nice to see real "homeschooling" events and information shared in a very lucid and entertaining way.

    By the way, Adin and Josie are homeschooled by "yours truly".


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