Wednesday, September 8

Two Flour Girls and a Dough Boy

The winds of fate were blowing in my direction today.
Ruby, Noni and I went on a hunt today for a store- which apparently exists- just not where my GPS tells me it exists.
We never did find it- I`ll have to look for it later.
Anyway- while on our fruitless wild goose chase we found this little gem.

Which had apparently already been discovered by none other than TLC.
I don`t know what show or when or what time or any details actually- all I know is that some show with this store involved will be aired on TLC sometime mid september- and we ate there.
Yup- we are pretty much famous.
I brought Justin back a cream puff and a lemon square (delicious) just so he wouldn`t feel left out.
They had a little castle that we ate in and Ruby loved it!  There was also a little kitchen that she could play at- she loved that too.  And I loved that she loved it because it meant that I actually got to eat my meal without chasing her around the restaurant, Noni in arms...
We had a great time there-
And Ruby`s favorite part you ask?
And I don't blame her- it was delicious!


  1. Yay! Now everytime I look, there is a post! You have made the world a better place. :)

  2. Too bad that cookie came with a big bite out of it!


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