Saturday, February 21

SNYDE adventures in Montreal and Ottawa!

We just got back from a trip to Ottawa and Montreal.
One word to describe it- SUPERFUN! That is one word right????


Day one was alot of driving but we finally made it to our destination- an nice motel on Prince of Wales street in Ottawa....

Inventory of Day One
9 hours of driving
2 stops at Wendys/ Tim Hortons
60 minutes of Einstein for Ruby (who has since become and addict!)
1 bag of cool ranch chips
35 repetitions of the Snowman song
10 baby books read
90 minutes of Twilight book on tape
2 screaming children by the end
4 tired adults
2 white spiders killed in our room
4 am- the time Ruby actually fell asleep
9 am- the time Ruby woke up and started calling for AINSLEY
5 hours of sleep

And the fun had only BEGUN!!

This is the cutieface that Clark and Jayne got to watch the whole way there. (I am not sure what is on her lip- I think it is slobber)

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  1. What...we don't even get a courtesy invite anymore. In these hard economic times, I don't need to add friend downsizing to the list. (wink)

    I'm a good commenter aren't I. I hope my example catches on. (wink #2)


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