Thursday, February 26

Montreal meets the Snydes!

This day was full of adventure!
We got up and ate a delicious free breakfast
Went to Old Montreal- and took forever trying to find a parking spot
Saw some confusing street signage
(notice the one way sign (left only)- and the way people were told to turn (right)....)

Went to Notre Dame Basilica (did you know Celine Dion was married here?)

Saw the oldest building in Montreal (unfortunately for us it was being reconstructed)

Saw the first skyscraper in Montreal
its the brown one....

Saw the place they founded Montreal
Went to the underground shopping

got lost

Had the best pitas EVER

Took the metro back!

Carried a 25 pound baby in the carrier for 2 hours

Went to the old port and drove on the 'special' road where most cars aren't supposed to go- seriously...

Went to St. Joseph's Oratory

Saw Brother Andre's Tomb

Saw Brother Andre's Heart

Had our first ever nun sighting- exciting I know

Ate the best poutine in all of Montreal- thank you Madam Bolduc

And to end out the day we went swimming!!!
Quote of the day- 'Can we get a picture with you? We've never seen a nun before.'- Justin
Highlight of the day- Watching Jayne follow a random guy into Madam Bolduc's thinking it was Clark and asking him what he was doing when he went all the way inside instead of stopping to get a picture taken... you should have seen her turn around when she realized it wasn't Clark- IT WAS AWESOME!

Some more of Ruby's Photographic ART!!

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