Sunday, February 22



9:15 We all woke up to Ruby calling for Ainsley at the top of her lungs- pleasant wake-up call...

Our first order of business was to see the ice sculptures at Confederation park and and obtain and eat a beaver tail! -yummy (that's for you kim)
This is the FIRST incident we had with the strollers
and trying to park in underground parking...
yes we had more than one incident...

mmmm... beaver tails...

Then off to Parliament we went- but first a little pit stop in a random building because
Ainsley got cold

And then Ruby got cold

Then we finally made it!

We made a pit stop at the Centennial flame- where we were entertained by a very cold woman on stilts
Then we got to the line- who knew they had airport security at the Parliament buildings?
Jayne and I waited while the boys and the babies went to another building to warm up.
Finally we were in- it was awesome-

We went to the Senate
The House of Commons
The Library
The Tower

After that we were hungry- so where else to go on Valentines day but Boston Pizza for a heart shaped Tropical Chicken pizza! OUR fav!
Then Justin secretly ordered me my favorite BP dessert
and we all went back to the motel to relax- it was a long day

Quote of the day- ' I spend half of my waking hours combing my hair' -justin
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY- (there were two)
#1- When Justin and Clark serenaded me and Jayne for Valentine's day
#2- All the random pictures that were on our camera from Ruby taking pictures throughout the day- here is my favorite for you to enjoy!
Random girl in line who liked Ruby and was helping her use the camera-
this one is my absolute favorite- what skill Ruby has!
I felt like she really captured the moment!

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