Monday, February 23


Tally-ho dates from around 1772, and is probably derived from the French taïaut, meaning a cry used to excite hounds when hunting deer (thanks to Wikipedia). So I thought it was appropriate to use since it is derived from a French word and we were going onward to a French province!!!

BUT- Before we were able to move on we had to make one stop at the National Gallery of Canada (it was free because it was family day)

This is the place:
Where Ruby fell into the forbidden flowers in the courtyard area-
Where she threw a tantrum in the cafeteria because Justin had to go to the bathroom
Where we took pictures even though we weren't supposed to
Where we got in trouble for eating in the courtyard area
Where we had the second stroller and underground parking incident
Where Ruby became a Baby Einstein addict
and Where we were very glad to leave from......

Then we made our trip onward to Montreal- but before we did that we had to stop at a gas station and go the bathroom, feed and change babies, and get food for ourselves....

- Going to McDonalds and getting a ton of free food...
The Men in all their free McDonalds glory!!!

Quote of the day- 'This is NACHO CHEESE'- Cheryl and Jayne simultaneously....
And 2 hours later we were in the great city of MONTREAL!!!

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  1. That McDonald's made my day. I think it even made me a little less sick than paid-for McDonald's!


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