Thursday, February 12

I Gave In!

I know it is probably hard for some of you to believe- but I have started a blog.
Just like gmail and facebook I gave in... I should learn and not waste precious time!! Just do it! New motto....
Anyway I am sure that you all are wondering- what made me decide to blog? What put me over the edge? Well it wasn't my writing skills- that is for sure- something that i am sure you will learn soon enough. It wasn't that I needed an outlet... It was just a combination of lots of things so to put your mind at ease I have made a list of all the reasons that I decided to make a blog....
1. I love my family and I live far away from them so this is a way for them to see what my day to day life is like!
2. I feel like I am going to look back on my life and these years will be some pretty amazing ones so I want to remember them!
3. Ruby is seriously the cutest thing ever- How can I keep that from all of you?
4. Justin and I are pretty cool too!
5. Everyone else is doing it....
6. Pressure- you know who you are
7. I have been inspired...
8. It is a way for Ruby to see what her early years were like
9. I like to be creative and this is a different form of creativity than I am used to so it seems interesting- oh and I walk around all day thinking- I could put this in my blog and word it this way- so I figured it was time!
10. Let me entertain you! Hopefully I can...
and Last but not least- 11- I want to be World Famous!!!


  1. AND!!!! You have a follower! I told you if you started a blog I would follow hear I am :)

    Congrats, I am so proud!
    I look forward to reading the adventures of SnellDogs!!

    (ps you can press "resize" on the formatting page to get your banner to fit on your page).

  2. Welcome Welcome. I'm stoked (is that still a cool word? was it ever a cool word? is there an "l" in there somewhere?) about you having a blog. Guaranteed I will check it every hour on the hour. Just kidding...sort of.

  3. hey cheryl check out my blog i have lots of spelling mistakes but i think that it is so cool i gave in too. you did it and so i thought that iwould too. well chat later.

  4. hey i am not sure if my post was posted by i love your blog and it is funny. i said that on kims too but oh well. also i started my own blog. which i think it is so cool got to run chat later love yah


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