Monday, February 23


Well French day ended up landing on a Sunday- so we went to church. We went to the Gatineau, Quebec branch. It was only french speaking so it was actually really interesting for me! Justin was able to translate- and though he had a few mistakes--- such as telling me that the speaker was saying that 'we all need to be hard hearted' and that 'we only need to be less wicked than those around us' --- I would say all in all he did a great job! I was impressed.

DID YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY SPEAK A LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH TO EACHOTHER- AND THE CRAZY PART IS THAT THEY PREFER TO SPEAK THIS OTHER LANGUAGE- OH AND THEY UNDERSTAND EACHOTHER- It was a crazy realization for me!!! I mean I knew that there were other languages (of course) but it was weird to be in that situation....

Anyway we had a fun time there- Justin and I spent most of our time in the nursery with Ruby- she was the only kid and there was no nursery leader- But they had the BEST toys!!!

This is Justin's favorite nursery book and highlight of the day!
He loves the french sounds for the animals!!

We went to the hotel after and had a nap and swam while The Hyde's went and visited some people from Clark's mission...

Highlight of the day: Having a husband that can speak french- it made me want to go to France!
Quote of the day- 'This is where I store things'

And here is another sampling of Ruby's fine photography-

These were all taken from Ainsley's crib
that quickly became Ruby's ride as it was on wheels!
Justin would wheel her around the halls-
She loved it-
and got some good shots too!!!

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