Friday, February 27

Almost done!

This is the last day that we were in Montreal- the day before had been hard and long so we took it easier to start. We got up ate a delicious and free breakfast- and then we had a nap! It was awesome!
Then we all got ready and went into Montreal
We went to a mall and ate
Clark and Jayne went to the Mission Home
I searched for a pair of boots but found none that I loved
Ruby investigated the Mannequins

Justin helped me look for boots and was very supportive- even though I dragged him to every store possible
We saw a Chinchilla, Parrot (that said hello to us), a dog that looked like Winston, and toucans- they are really amazing birds!

We tried to find a creperie but it was turned into a Vietnamese shop so we went to the French bakery a few shops away and had- Chocolate Eclairs, Raspberry sorbet, and Orangina

Then we went to the Temple and spent a few hours there- it was wonderful!

After- we went to subway where Justin ordered me a chicken bacon ranch sub and asked for lots of peppers but instead got lots of PEPPER- my lips and tongue were tingling after that one! We sat down to eat and the only thing that ruby would eat was my chicken- and she ate all of it- then Justin moved the table and it moved faster then he thought and the metal pole got me right in the knee and the cookie that I got was hard and had a hair in it! So needless to say- not the best subway experience...

We headed back to the hotel and went over the 'cool' bridge... so we were all happy!
And to end out the day- we went SWIMMING!!

The Highlight of the day was the temple
Quote of the day-' kids are so beautiful these days- they used to be as ugly as chickens!'- old french man at the stake center...
Ruby's Self Portraits

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