Monday, March 26

Shoes and Ants.

We had an infestation.
One that only lasted a couple of hours but the emotional repercussions of which I will be dealing with for a life time.
Carpenter ants.
At least shoe+carpenter ant+quick feet= death.
I killed a lot of very large ants that day.  I'm not proud of it.  But, lets face it, it was either me or the ants.  I was acting out of self defense and the defense of my children.
There was a point a midst all of my killing that I was feeling sorry for the ants.  Especially when I saw one carrying one of its kindred dead back to his home.  Then Justin made me feel better when he pointed out that it was just going to eat the other one.  I don't know if they are cannibalistic or not but I'll believe him.
I couldn't let the ants overtake these sweet faces.

I was sure glad when my knight in shining armor came to save the day.
What would I do with out this man?

Probably get eaten by ants.

He has the ability to act with a level head even when death by ant bites looms in the background.
He had patience and followed their patterns and found their entry point.  Which he quickly filled with ant poison and expandable foam.
My Hero.
We have not had a single ant since and life is good.
Also we found the lost shoe.
The one we were sure Noni threw in the garbage.
That poor guy always getting blamed for things that go missing.
Turns out it was under my sewing desk this whole time?
Who knew?
Probably the ants....
Now Justin has 2 sets of almost identical brown shoes.  That can never be a bad thing.
Sadly I still have to deal with the Mud Daubers (those things really seem to like me, if you remember they were plaguing me in Waterloo too.) and the lady bugs.  Oh the lady bugs- they seem fine in small numbers but get large quantities and their cuteness ends.  Carpenter ants are the least of my worries right now....

{I was recently reminded of the time I saved all the children from a spider- you should read about that time too- it was awesome.}


  1. Ohhhhh Oh Oh how I wish the insect rights activist from the playground was there to witness the ant massacre! I can see you puma shoe raised violently over your head (though it was a spider that time...the vulgar daddy long leg variety! extra hideous!) "Oh!" he plowed ahead for the rescue- "I don't like to see things killed needlessly"... well yes of course...unless they are ATTACKING our children on the slide!!...sheesh. Good for you Cheryl snell... good. for. you.! Stay strong.
    Expandable foam. I will remember that.

  2. Read this:
    It will make you sleep well tonight.

  3. It was a day fraught with emotion. Fear of ants, anger at ants, anger at house for having holes large enough for ants to crawl through, anger at Ohio for having a warm, ant-inviting climate, and at the end... Happiness for finding the SHOE that has been missing for nearly 9 months! Almost since the day we moved in!


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