Sunday, May 2


Imagine this situation if you will
A big, black, poisonous, hairy, child- eating spider with white dots and a stinger on its back, sitting near the hand railing on the play ground.
All the children from our wards play group on the playground- each of them unknowingly placing their hands near said spider.
Me the child rescuer removes shoe from foot and subsequently tries to save said children from said spider. Unfortunately I was wearing my pumas and the curves on these pumas are not conducive to spider killing.
The only man on the playground cries- 'Would you like me to get it for you?'
A sigh of relief from me as he comes to my rescue...
Then surprise as he grabs the spider (jumping a little because he was just as 'scared' as us)
murmurs something about a possible stinger and how the spider was nesting- then runs across the playground to some trees and sets the spider free....
Apparently he was coming to the spiders rescue- not mine.
Then he comes back to teach me a lesson.
'I don't like to kill things unnecessarily' he says
Thanks for the lesson...
If I had known you were a member of PETS (People for the ethical treatment of spiders) I probably would have been a little more discreet with my shoe removing- spider squishing action.
Next time I see a spider I don't want near me I'll come knocking at your door so you can save it.
I didn't tell him that there were 3 of those exact same spiders that I found in my house. Sadly for PETS man I squished them.
But I'm not a spider squishing bug killing monster- I swear.
I don't go around killing insects- or arachnids in the wild just for kicks.
I don't kill things unnecessarily.
That was necessary.
My neighbors are awesome!!!
(They really are)

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