Monday, March 5

And The Grand Finale

My littlest sister got married!

It was a great day and I was glad to be a part of it.
There is something about working hard together as a family that just helps to bond you and make you stronger.
It was a lot of work but it all went well and we are glad to call Cody a brother now.
Whit was the last of us.  And she definitely went out with a bang.
Her dress was beautiful and she was beautiful and the day was great.
She asked me a few months before she was married if I would make her cake toppers for her.  I said yes and then put it out of my mind until after Christmas.  We headed home for her wedding and I had my clay in hand ready to make her toppers when we got there.
Little did I realize that they would take me a total of about 24 hours to complete.  The bride was the longest.  I was being a little bit of a perfectionist if I do say so myself- and they still didn't turn out perfect, but I am happy with them.  The groom did have a little bit of a mishap while he was cooking in the oven and ended up with a little bit of smooshed face, some flat shoes and a missing hand.  Nothing too terrible but it did happen less that 24 hours before the wedding so I had no time to re-do him.  In the dim lighting you couldn't even tell that his forehead was flat or that his hand was glued on... right?

It was a definite learning experience but I am happy to say that I am not completely turned off of clay sculpting (if you will) it is definitely something I enjoy.

The wedding and reception were fun and we had a great time seeing people we haven't seen in a LONG time! It was definitely a great ego boost- we felt very loved and missed.

To Whitney,
  I want to say that you really were an incredibly beautiful bride.  I am so proud of you and Cody and your dedication to the gospel.  I am grateful that you were married in the temple and that you made that goal and stuck to it.  I am grateful for who you are.  I love your spunk and your dedication to sticking up for the under dog.  I recently heard the best story ever from mom about you standing up to a bully that was being mean to Randi and it just made me love you more.  I love that you love your family.  I love that you have Cody and that he is part of our family now.  I can't wait to see the new dynamic that he brings and I can't wait for the good times to come.  I love you Whit, I love who you are and what you stand for.  I love getting your random texts.  I love knowing that you think about me.  I love knowing that if I need something asap that you are the one to text because you always have your phone and are willing to help.  I love your dimples and the way you put on make up.  You look so beautiful.  I love that you are shorter than me.  I love short Whitney jokes (though you may not) they always make me laugh.  Sometimes Justin and I make them even when you aren't around- so just know that we think of you a lot too.  I love that you have found a job that you are really good at and that you like.  I love that people who don't know me, but know you, know that we are sisters.  I think it is funny when people I know talk to you and think that it is me.  That always makes me laugh- though I don't know how they mix us up- I mean, I am 4 inches taller than you...  I am glad that we are bonded for eternity, that I know that we can be together as family forever.  I am glad that you know that too.  I love you Whit (and I love Cody too).  Congratulations.


  1. What's with the clay grooms long arm, because it's totally noticeable. Just kidding, you know I think that you are the most talented clay artist I know (and I know a whole heck of a lot of clay artists... blog post of my own to come.) It was a fun wedding, and as much as I wasn't, it was fun to be part of. PS Tell your mom we are taking the boys to The Lorax this weekend with the gift certificate.

  2. I love it when you post. You should do it lots more! :)


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