Tuesday, March 20


We love our library.
You can go there and get as many books and movies as you want- for FREE.
Who knew?
They even have great programs for kids.
It is wonderful.
And we love it.
We head to the library once a week to take Ruby to a reading club and to fill up our never ending need for knowledge.  haha.  No, really.
We come home with so many books each week in anticipation of finding THE BEST BOOK.
Some weeks are better than others.  But most times there is at least one book that we love and read countless times until it needs to be returned or we need to renew it.
Pinkalicious is the book of the week.  (Or 3 weeks- as it has been so far)
Myers is especially in love with it.  He knows the words and and loves when we get to the page with all the pink food so he can say- 'No pink jello'.  He loves it.
Ruby has always loved books and has an incredible memory.  Her first book to commit to memory was Horton Hatches the Egg.  She has had that book memorised for many years- seriously.  Child prodigy like.
We love that book in our house.
Justin is always listening to some sort of book- usually by Orson Scott Card.  He really doesn't have much time to actually read- so listening is a great alternative.  It is also great for us when we are travelling.  I love sharing a good book with him.  When we had more 'just us' time we would read to each other- the Harry Potter series was our favorite.  Now we just listen together when we can.
Right now we are listening to Divergent.  Yet another teen book series.  But I love it so far.  It is awesome.    Justin is enjoying it too- though maybe not as much as me.
And dare I leave out Hunger Games?  I am so looking forward to the movie- and the best part?  We can see it here for a wopping $2.75!!  It is going to be legendary!!!
The other thing I like about our library (and others I am sure) is that it is stocked with lots of amazing craft books that I would never buy but definitely want to look through.
My favorite one right now you ask?
Made To Play by Joel Henriques.

Have you heard of this guy?  He is awesome.  And this book- even better than I could have imagined.  I would make EVERYTHING that is in it- and that is a rare find in a craft book.  It is full of really neat homemade toys for your kids.  I love it.  This is one book I would definitely like to own...  but until then I will just keep renewing it from the library...

And while talking about books I could not leave out the Book of Mormon.  We have been making a real concerted effort to read this book every day as a family.  It has been great- and Ruby is constantly reminding us to read it- she is wonderful.

I love books, I love learning, I love reading, I love using my brain and especially my imagination.  Books are important.

We are always looking for recommendations of good books to read.  Got any?

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  1. Trey's first book that he memorized back to front was Are you my Mother?. He loved that book and kept correcting anyone that tried (and believe me they did try lol) to skip pages. Nothing to recommend right now but I will let you know if I find anything.


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