Thursday, March 15

Princess Ruby and Her Knight in Shining Armor

Princess Ruby and her knight in shining armor headed off to the princess ball (put on by the Youngstown Stake - every girl 18mths- 18yrs was invited) earlier this month and loved every second of it.
Ruby requested a new dress- so I had to comply of course.  She loved it.  She also loved spending time just her and her daddy.  Justin made sure he came home with flowers for her princess and he donned his matching tie for the event.  Here they are before they left.  I'll be darned if I could get Ruby to have a real smile in any photo.  
Myers and I weren't invited- so we stayed home and ate icecream and watched UP.  We had a good memorable night too.

Here the girls are waiting for their names to be announced so they can walk down the red carpet (Ruby is on the far left)...
Dancing the night away!

Stopping for a little refreshment...  Being a princess is hard work.
There is all the dancing, and eating and curtsying, and of course keeping up your appearance.  She insisted on wearing these gloves and did not take them off the whole night!
I wasn't there but from what I heard it was a great night- the girls learned how to be princesses and the dad's learned about how to treat their princesses correctly.  Then they spent the rest of the night dancing and eating.  It sounds like a blast and it is just nice to see daughters hanging out with their dads and having a good time building memories.  I am all about the memories...  And, if I do say so myself- that dress is the perfect princess dress... I mean seriously- who made that? 


  1. Seriously who made that! such talent. :)
    Where was there a princess ball? So cute.
    I love her gloves!

  2. Was this a primary activity or just a party?

  3. It was a stake activity- every girl age 18mths to 18yrs and their dads were invited...


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