Tuesday, March 13

Ruby's First Haircut

At four and a half years old Ruby finally received her first hair cut.  
The Befores
Yes- her first.  I have never even cut her bangs.  Her hair was cute- but it was getting so 'snarly' and unmanageable so I decided that we would have a girls day go get her hair done.  We went to a special place designed especially for kids.  It smelled distinctly of maple syrup- in fact it kind of made me sick.  But Ruby and the 50 other kids in there didn't seem to mind.  Ruby decided to sit on the elephant, was adorned with the hannah montana bib and was forced to watch Toy Story 3.  She didn't seem to mind.  She sat so still and looked so cute!

The Durings.

The After.  Isn't she adorable?  I love that girl.  After the hair cut she asked me how it felt for me to have my first hair cut.  I thought she was feeling sad about the loss of her hair so I went for the 'deeper' feelings and had a long story about how it felt so great to have all the snarlies gone and how it felt fresh and wonderful.  I then asked her how hers felt and she said 'wet.'  
We did a little bit of girls shopping, went out for Italian, and finished with some Frozen Yogurt.  Delicious.  Ruby loved the Strawberry lemonade sorbet,  I loved the vanilla froyo with fresh raspberries.  Delicious.

She could not get over how cute the spoon was- she just loved it so much.  

We had fun- it was really nice to do something just one on one.  Ruby loved it- though she did miss Noni and daddy, especially when we were at the yogurt shop- she knew that daddy and Noni would love it there.  We are headed back soon....  short hair and all.


  1. I can't believe this is her first one...what a bad mom!! Totally kidding. I'm just jealous. I'm already thinking on how I can make Jane's hair cuter and that a cut might be in order. She's a pretty pretty girl that Ruby. Glad you had a fun girls day!! Now it's my turn with you.

  2. wow she looks so much like addie , she soooo cute and the things she loves, the spoon,,,and how her hair felt , wet too cute....glad she missed noni and daddy missing out on the yummy stuff.....love one of her faces reminds me of you, cheryl....hehe

  3. The picture of her in the chair.. you know the one where she is making the least amount of effort possible to smile... reminds me of you so much. She is so cute. Love her.


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